Tether FUD: Unbacked stable coins are used to pump bitcoin and manipulate price

What the FUD is this?

The idea that fraudulently created stable coins are being minted with the sole aim of inflating bitcoin prices.

Squashing this FUD
Experts reply…
  • Whenever Bitcoin has a bull run, naysayers try to cope with missing the boat by rationalizing why it will fail through “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt” (FUD). Most of these are completely unsubstantiated, but annoyingly persist as negative narratives Bitcoin must fight against.

    If you’re reading this post and expecting a 40 page research report with statistical analysis of Tether then stop here because I’m not going to deliver that. Neither would you have been convinced if I did.

    I will, however, be providing simple to understand definitions and reasoning as to why Tether FUD is overblown.

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Squash this FUD

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