Bitcoin is used to enrich white supremacists and the far-right

What the FUD is this?

This legacy media attack on bitcoin decries that certain political ideologies are able to escape financial censorship by using non-government money, attempting in particular to associate bitcoin with racists.

‘Currency of the alt-right’: How white supremacists and the far right use Bitcoin to evade the law and get rich

– Associated Press


Squashing this FUD
Experts reply…
  • It’s more of this divide and conquer, we know that this technology is helping everyone. Black folks have been adopting it and we’re waiting for the media to bless it… they never will…  we need to continue growing this movement. We won’t be deterred, this is another way that they’re trying to distract us.

  • We know the numbers are actually completely different. The biggest single greatest population in America using bitcoin is the black population, almost double the white population. So I don’t know what the AP chooses to engage in racism like this.

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Squash this FUD

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