1. Lend a hand
squash FUD with donated time

This website is intended to be a resource for people facing torrents of FUD every time they mention Bitcoin or try to orange pill a normie. There’s lots of FUD to index and lots of arguments squashing that FUD to be found and added.

Please consider helping out by submitting expert sources to dispel FUD. Do this by:

  1. Browsing FUD
  2. Finding one you like or one you’d seen destroyed by an expert recently
  3. Submitting that source, be it a podcast, video, article or Twitter thread


If you must, submit new FUD you’ve seen here. Your time is very much appreciated.

2. Help with running costs
Squash FUD with BTC

If you can’t donate time, but you’d like to donate sats to the cause of squashing FUD, that would also be appreciated.

Yearly running costs are just 500,000 SATs and it would be great if one person didn’t have to cover that alone.

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