In 2020 in the midst of the pandemic I sat down and took a deeper look at bitcoin.

I am a technologist but I can’t say I was ever particularly excited by the advent of the blockchain when I first learned about it in 2014 from Max Keiser. I simply saw it as another tool to use. Technology is part of my profession, but one of my main interests has always been macroeconomics and how it ties in with geopolitics. This is where bitcoin managed to get on my radar. It was a way to fight the central banker class.

Years passed, very small amounts of bitcoin were purchased, and the pandemic is in full swing. The fourth industrial revolution and a great reset is on the horizon. The collapse of the USD is closer than even. It was time to get fully onboard.

It isn’t hard to get good information about bitcoin. Saifedean’s The Bitcoin Standard is a good place to start. But it also isn’t hard to have FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) vomited at your face by dinosaurs unable to understand the changing world around them, lashing out at anyone challenging their normalcy bias.

I couldn’t find any resources that list FUD, what that FUD was trying to say, and then dispel that FUD with an expert argument. is intended to be that resource for you.

Consider helping if you can, but submitting FUD, squashing FUD or donating a handful of sats to keep the website going.