This isn't an very intellectual endevor…

When this website was started, finding articles that completely destroyed legacy media FUD (fear, uncertainly, doubt) wasn’t easy. Searches for FUD would uncover the FUD-filled articles. You’d normally need to know where to look to find the counter argument, and if you were new to bitcoin, you wouldn’t know.

If you did find an FUD-squashing article, it would be quite long and in depth… maybe a Nic Carter essay or a 30min Michael Saylor video. There wasn’t a clear “this is stupid because…” with a summary, a quote and a link to read further only if you really needed to. I.e. the equivalent of a talking head soundbite.

That’s what this website is for. Type in your FUD keywords, get out a list of quotes from well known bitcoiners with a link to where you can find the full version. Have a friend who believes specific FUD? Send a link to correct them. All in a clear, informal and bright orange way.

But that's why it's hard work…

It isn’t hard exactly to get good information about bitcoin. But it also isn’t hard to have FUD vomited at your face by dinosaurs unable to understand the changing world around them, lashing out at anyone challenging their normalcy bias.

It’s EASIER to stumble onto FUD than it is to stumble onto TRUTH.

Trying to pull out key arguments from podcasts, Twitter spaces, books etc, with the same power and effectiveness takes more work than it does to make up a lie in a newspaper.

It’s EASIER to tell a LIE than it is to explain the TRUTH.

So please consider helping if you can, by submitting FUD, squashing FUD or donating a handful of sats to keep the website going.